Hi! My name is Dina Odess, I'm 27 y.o. artist and illustrator from Kazakhstan, based in NYC now.

I love drawing ever since I can remember myself. I tried my hand at a lot of things since then, like interior design, graphic design, oil and acrylic painting, printmaking, watercolor, lettering, fashion illustration, chalkboard drawing, 3d, calligraphy, dot art, pastel and so on and so forth. And I wish I had more time to continue practicing all this stuff. But now I’m trying to do my best in digital illustration.

I don't have any special art education, I only finished children art school when I was 15. After high school I wanted to get degree in Art, but then I changed my mind and chose to learn Chinese and got Bachelor degree in Education instead. So I'm kind of self taught artist. However I took different online courses and pushed myself to study a lot. I tried to learn everything I could find on the Internet related to art and craft. And it helped me to improve my drawing skills. Recently I took Children Book Illustration classes at School of Visual Arts in New York and now my main goal is to create my own illustrated book for children. So wish me luck:)

And welcome to my page! Enjoy! :)