Hi! My name is Dina, I'm 27 y.o. artist and illustrator from Kazakhstan, based in NYC now.

I love drawing ever since I can remember myself. I tried my hand at a lot of things since then, like interior design (which I do for living now), graphic design, oil painting, printmaking, watercolor, lettering, fashion illustration, chalkboard drawing, 3d, calligraphy, dot art, pastel and so on and so forth. And I wish I had more time to continue practicing all of this. But for now I choose digital illustrations which you can see in my portfolio.

I don't have any special art education, I only finished children art school when I was 15. After high school I wanted to get degree in Art, but then I changed my mind and chose to learn Chinese and got Bachelor degree in Education instead. So I'm kinda self taught artist.

So welcome to my page and enjoy! :)